Select Lexiteria Clients

eBay Inc.

Provided dictionaries in seven languages for a proprietary spellchecker.

Google Inc.

Provided frequency dictionaries in 25 languages for Jelly Bean operating system for Android software.

Halogen Software

Developed a database for an HR word filter for employee management software.

Holt Rinehart
Holt Rinehart Winston
Created a dictionary database with sound files for middle-school science text books on CD-ROM and on the Web for Holt Rinehart Publishers.

Swype Inc.

Provided frequency lists for Swype software (Android) in 29 languages.

Tyndale House
Tyndale House Publishers

Database of pop-up definitions and sound files for every word in the Old & New Testaments for digitally animated New International Bible

Volve CE
Volvo Construction Equipment, Brussels

Translation of in-house magazine, newsletters, brochures, and video scripts from English to Korean, Polish, Russian, and Swedish

Volvo Financial Services Global
Translation of legal and financial documents from French to English.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Translation of brochures and catalogs into Spanish and Portuguese.

Zi Corp
Zi Corporation, Canada

Databases of words and word frequency databases in French, German & English for IT software, and a network of testers for that software.

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