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Our Background. The Lexiteria is, because of its translation services and ties with the academic world, in a strong position to provide qualified personnel for testing software products. We can provide trained or untrained testers. Using translators as untrained testers has the advantage of a tester who can explain and recommend fixes for problems in your software. If you need trained testers, we go to our academic and commercial sources to find exactly the qualification you need. But why outsource this process at all? The Lexiteria specializes in the following types of word databases.

Multinational Software Testing Management. If you have managed testing programs before, you know it is time-consuming and aggravating. First, you must locate testers and check their credentials. Some you will have to test because their credentials are ambiguous. Next, you have to negotiate and sign contracts with them. Next, you set up time sheets and a way to get them in on time. You spend a lot of time cajoling and pushing testers to get their sheets in on time and checking them for accuracy.

Sending Money Around the World. Paying testers around the world can be a nightmare. You have to find means of payment for each tester individually. Some are OK with checks but checks often get lost in the mail in some countries. (You have to know which ones.) There bank transfers or electronic drafts are required. Bank charges for electronic transfers in some countries are prohibitive and money must be telegraphed. Some testers have a PayPal or MoneyBookers account; to use them, you must have an account there, too. And what about Iran? It is illegal to send money from the US to Iran under any circumstances whatever. You can hire someone living outside Iran but then you risk missing recent changes in Farsi computer terminology, peculiarities of the internet connection there, and so forth.

Website Testers. The Lexiteria would be delighted to translate your website into as many languages as you wish and have different translators test it and review the content. But if you already have a translation service or if your web has already been translated, it might be to your advantage to go to another set of translators for a review. The Lexiteria would be happy to provide that service at a very reasonable price.

Save Yourself Pain and Frustration. For anything related to language, your best bet is to turn to language people, people who deal with different languages in countries around the world every day. Whatever you need tested or reviewed in several languages, The Lexiteria experience in handling translators, students, and academics around the world will put you miles ahead of the competition.

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