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PeopleWhy Globalize a Business or Website? By the end of this year, 70% of the people connected to the Internet will speak languages other than English. Studies show that non-English speakers spend twice as long on a website in their own language and are three times more likely to make a purchase from it. In 2004 over 50% of all online sales occurred outside the U.S. That percentage will increase this year. Is your company keeping up with the rapidly emerging global market? The Lexiteria makes it so easy.

What is Globalization? Globalization is converting your business or products to a world-wide market. To be effective globally, your website must appear in the languages of all the countries in your market. But the challenge is greater than simple translation: your website must also be "localized", adjusted to the local culture where the language is spoken.

What is localization? Consider this: Did you know that a black-and-white website can be effective in the U.S., but in Asia it implies a funeral? The Japanese prefer pastel colors on the Web-did you know that? Showing alcohol, pork, or even a woman's bare arms in Muslim countries will be offensive-not good for sales. Using a country's flag to symbolize a language, such as a French flag for French, might seem highly intuitive, but it could lose you customers in Canada, Switzerland or other lands where French is widely spoken.

The Lexiteria's globalization management relieves you of worries about all such cultural pitfalls. Our globalization management takes provides professional translation and editing, localization, in as many languages and cultures as you wish. It involves locating qualified translators, testing them, matching specialization to the job. (The best translators are usually native speakers living in the country where the language is spoken.) It involves following translations, checking them for accuracy, and checking documents and websites for problems of localization. Finally, it is a matter of taking care of all the business relations, purchase orders, invoices, foreign payments by various means in the currencies of the world.

Globalization is the complex management of various types of documents across multiple platforms in multiple languages in multiple countries. You may have software that you want to communicate with offices in different countries. The Lexiteria can translate and localize your software and any documentation it requires. It can also handle documents and e-mail traveling from one country to another.

Why Outsource Globalization Management? The Lexiteria has everything necessary for globalization in its offices. It has databases of qualified translators and localizers around the world. It has experience with all them and knows their strengths and weaknesses. It has the software required to manage a large number of translators and editors located around the world. If the project involves specialized language, The Lexiteria has one of the largest sources of specialized dictionaries on its alphaDICTIONARY web site. We offer you a "one-stop" solution to globalization: you give us the English, we return all the translations in a database that may be handled without error by someone speaking only the original language, whether English or any other.

To use the Web as a global marketing tool, you must offer content that is culturally, technically, and commercially appropriate in all your markets or you could lose or miss market share. Enterprise-level globalization is a large, interrelated set of processes that requires a rich diversity of technology, talents, and know-how. Now you can get everything required of totally, world-class globalization in one package from The Lexiteria.

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