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The Lexiteria is a company of word-masters who understand every aspect of language. We know there is no perfect translation, that cultural differences can be as important as the meanings of the words themselves, that not everyone who speaks two languages can translate. The Lexiteria works with the world's best translators to provide the very best in human translation, internationalization, and localization (adjusting to the local culture) of documents, websites, and software.

Lexiteria can translate and localize publications, manuals, brochures, websites and virtually any text, general or technical, over a wide selection of languages. We have certified legal and medical translators for many of the world's languages. No translation job is too large or too small for The Lexiteria.

The Lexiteria offers any type of translation you require:

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If you have a single word or a very short 2-3 word phrase, The Lexiteria will try to translate it free for you. Please try our dictionaries before you contact our professional translators. But if it is important enough for a professional translator, and only a single word or very, very short phrase, please feel free to Ask the Pros.

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Online Electronic Translation (for rough drafts only)

SYSTRAN offers the very best in electronic translation but keep in mind: Only trained professional translators can give you a letter-perfect translation. Although the accomplishment is incredible, electronic translations provide only a rough translation (try translating a sentence from English to French, then back to English). However, it you want the gist of a text translated, just type in up to 150 words at a time in the translation box below, select your language pair and push "Translate"

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Off-line Electronic Translation (for rough drafts only)

You can have your own version of the SYSTRAN Electronic Translation System on your computer or your company's intranet. Just click here to order. Remember, only trained human professionals can provide perfect translations.

Professional Translation and Localization

If you need full-scale word-perfect translation and/or editing services, we are available to discuss your project and offer flexible customized solutions for only about 15 cents per word. You send us one text in one language, we return the text perfectly translated into as many languages as you wish. Click here for more information about Lexiteria translations.

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You may contact us by e-mail or at:

The Lexiteria Corporation (TLC)
2459 Smoketown Road
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If you wish to ask about a larger job, just fill out the form below and we will send out a price quotation within 24 hours or contact you personally by telephone.

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