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Translation Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Lexiteria's Professional Translation Services

  • Lexiteria, LLC of 2459 Smoketown Road, Lewisburg, PA 17837, operates through its websites at Lexiteria.com and alphaDictionary.com. Lexiteria will translate texts, software products, and web sites for individual and corporate clients. An individual client is a person over the age of 18 and a corporate client is a company or other government or private institution.
  • As a rule Lexiteria translates any text but reserves the right to refuse certain texts for diverse reasons (texts whose content is illegal, pornographic, etc.)
  • Lexiteria will try to arrange for translation between any two widely spoken languages on earth, including but not limited to:
  • The customer can choose from the following data formats for their source text or code:
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Adobe Pagemaker, Framemaker
    • ASCII
    • MS Word, Power Point, Access, Excel
    • HTML or other Web-based markup language
    • Quark Express Desktop Publishing
    • InLine Desktop Publishing
    • RTF
    • Text file
    • Other formats on Windows or Mac platforms convertible from these
  • While Lexiteria prefers to translate only electronic texts, legible, printed or hand-written texts may be accepted from the client but an additional fee may be applicable depending on legibility. All translated text or software is returned to the client in electronic form.
  • Together with the text the customer shall also identify the specialist field(s) of the text. The customer is encouraged to include a list of highly specialized terms peculiar to his own company that might not be known to the translator.
  • The client may have their text translated immediately or to ask for a price estimate beforehand. This price estimate is free and does not commit the client to anything.
  • Lexiteria is committed to translating texts with the greatest care, without reducing or adding, omitting or modifying anything in the original text. Because of significant differences in languages, translations of one language into another cannot be perfect. Where imperfection of translation is inevitable, Lexiteria will strive to translate the text as closely to the intent of the original as possible. Lexiteria is ISO 9002 and DIN 2345 compliant.
  • Lexiteria takes especial care of confidential and other sensitive documents. We offer our customers iron-clad confidentiality agreements and require them of our translators. The number of people with access to sensitive and confidential documents is limited and all sensitive and confidential documents are destroyed within a reasonable period after they are delivered.
  • If the client wishes the text to be localized, a localization file containing translations of words and phrases particular to the client will be created. This file may be used on other translation jobs for the client to ensure consistency in translation of localized terms.
  • The client can stipulate specific wishes concerning the terminology and the format of the text (standards texts, styles of terminology, etc.) The client may also stipulate a desired deadline (calendar day) for the completion of the translation. The client also stipulates whether it wishes Lexiteria to edit the text in addition to translating it. Lexiteria will do its best to meet this deadline but takes no responsibility for any damages caused by a delay in completion due to natural disasters, technical problems, or problems beyond the company's control. In the event of a delay, Lexiteria will immediately inform the client.
  • Lexiteria accepts translation and editing requests accompanied by 50% of the quoted price (for individuals) or a purchase order for the full price (companies and other institution). Payment of the remaining half of a cash contract is due upon return of the translation. When a purchase order is submitted, full payment is due within 30 days of invoicing.
  • Once the translation and editing are completed, Lexiteria verifies the entire edited translation, the format of the text, and sends the edited translation to the client. If the client reports no issue with the translation within 5 business days following delivery of the translation, the translation is considered approved and will be billed to the client. If the client raises an issue about the translated text within the 5 business days, he must indicate specific, reparable faults. Lexiteria will remedy the problems and satisfy the client as close to the agreed-upon deadline as possible. In the event of failure, Lexiteria forfeits its right to the final cash payment from the individual client or for 50% of the invoiced amount to the corporate client.
  • Payment may be made by check, electronic transfer, PayPal or other on-line banking service, or credit card. This is why the client fills in, beforehand, the client data form which contains all the necessary information.

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