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Total Translation and Localization Management

PeopleThe Lexiteria can provide high quality translation and localization management services for virtually any language on Earth, including those of the Western Hemisphere, Europe, the Middle East, Far East, and Africa. We can translate websites, documents (electronic or hard copy), scripts, sound tracks, software, to and from those languages in any format: MS Word, Word Perfect, graphics, publishers (Quark, InDesign, MS Publisher, PDF files, Excel, Access, among others). Our work is done by highly qualified, experienced translators who keep working for our customers until they are completely satisfied.

Our Translators. The Lexiteria not only hires the best qualified translators, we go out of our way to match them with our clients' specific needs. Our translators are all native speakers of the target language, living in the country where that language is spoken. All have had extensive experience in the country where the source language is spoken. In addition to verifying their credentials, we test all translators before offering them an assignment. We can provide voice-overs in some languages.

Our Procedures. After checking the credentials of our translators and testing them, we then select those best qualified on paper to translate an actual page of the client's text. That translation is then checked by someone in the client's organization or an editor in the target language chosen for their specialty in translation. This allows an even closer match between the translators specific knowledge and talents and the client's needs. Clients are asked for company-specific terms or glossaries in the target language if they have any. Every step of the way The Lexiteria tries to choose not simply the best translator available, but the translator best able to translate that vocabulary specific to the customer.

In the cases of multilingual websites, brochures, show booths, product labels and the like, translations are often made in a spread sheet. Each paragraph or section is listed in a separate cell in the left column and the translation of each are placed in the corresponding cell in the columns to the right. This allows someone who speaks only English to insert each segment of the translation in the correct position in the website, software, or other application without speaking any of the languages him- or herself.

Support. The Lexiteria considers the job done when the customer is satisfied. This means that when the translation is submitted to the customer, we remain ready to answer any question, make any changes or adjustments that the customer wants in our translation. We do not expect final payment from our customers until they are completely satisfied with our work.

Qualifications. The Lexiteria has one of the largest sources of translation and specialized dictionaries on the Web. Translators around the world use our website for words they cannot find elsewhere. We have been in business since the year 2000 and our customers include, Volvo Construction Equipment, Queens Country Libraries, Vera Institute of Justice, Playworld Systems, Capstone Press, among many others. The founder and president of our company is a professional linguist of 35 years who understands every aspect of translation; in fact, he taught it for many years.

Languages and Pricing. Lexiteria's pricing is based on the number of words in a text. The per word pricing depends on three factors: (1) the languages involved, (2) the difficulty or technicality of the text, and (3) the total number of words. Economic factors do play a role. Languages spoken in Europe and some Pacific Basin nations tend to cost more than languages spoken elsewhere. Costs vary with the value of the US dollar. Moreover, specialized texts, such as legal or medical texts that require a high level of expertise as well as translation skills, also cost more than general texts. However, the more words in a given project, the lower the price since the management costs remain the same regardless of the size of the text. Our general prices usually range from 18-22 cents per word with editing adding around another 5 cents (for clients who cannot provide their own editing). For our specific terms, click here.

Let's Get Started. If you have a personal or corporate project that requires translation, give us the information requested below and we will provide you with an estimate the same day we receive it. Once we have all the details, we will send you a firm quote. All text that we receive is treated in the strictest confidence.

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